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Loan Application

We provide a full-service private lending solution to our trusted real estate investors for short-term fix-n-flip projects in Hawaii.


Our terms are 12% and a 1.5% origination fee. This includes all mortgage recording costs and fees. We will manage the entire private lending process so you can focus on flipping

the property.

By applying for private funding through us, you agree to refrain from communicating, negotiating or otherwise soliciting any of our referred private lenders for the purpose of private lending or investing.   

To apply, complete the Loan Application below.

Private Money Loan Application

Step 1 - Your Business Information

Provide the following business information for this project.

Step 2 - Investment Property Information

Do you have this property on contract?

Provide the following information for the property

Upload your project plan

STOP! Please review your information carefully before submitting this form. The information you provide will be used to create important documents related to your request. 

IMPORTANT: Funds are not committed until we receive a signed/notarized Security Mortgage and Promissory Note from you. Funds are committed based upon availability.

Thanks for your application. We will review your application and get back to you soon.

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