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"Private Lenders for Short-Term Real Estate Transactions"

Real Estate Investing


  • 90% of millionaires in the US made their money from real estate

  • Real estate is the safest way to invest because your money is tied to a lien against the property.

  • The property can't be sold until you are paid in full and release your lien.

Why Invest through Us?


  • We manage your investment from start to finish.

  • We have the real estate and legal background to effectively protect your interests.

  • We prepare your Promissory Note & Mortgage Deed with terms in your best interest.

  • We guarantee 12% interest or more.

  • We check the property, the numbers and the government records to ensure the property value is much more than your investment.

  • We ensure your deed is recorded with the Conveyance Office.

  • We guarantee your loan if the flipper doesn't pay for any reason.

  • We have 100% customer satisfaction with available references.