We are a professional, experienced team

of private lenders who invest in secured, short-term

real estate flips with the highest returns on investment

Mr Kevin T. Aubart
Bachelor of Science  in LegalAdministration 
The Story of Aubart & Associates, LLC 
"A Private Lender's Group for short-term real estate investing"


When my wife and I were transferred to Hawaii, it was our dream to buy a home here.  But homes in Hawaii cost 3-4 times what they do elsewhere and we really didn't like the idea of taking out a huge mortgage. I've bought and sold several houses over the years and I really don't like making banks rich from my hard earned money. The more houses I bought and sold, the more I grew to despise banks.


So we tried to sell two houses we owned in Minnesota, but we could only sell one. So the money from the one house that we did sell ($300,000) sat in our bank account for two years, at 1% interest, while we tried to decide what to do. 

Our $300,000 held in the bank accrued a very low 1% interest for over a two-year period with a minimal return. But had we known better, we could have invested that money in private lending instead for a profit of $72,000!


That's when a co-worker told me about private lending. My co-worker takes out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) against his home at 1% and private lends the money to real estate developers on short term, secured loans for a net gain of 11% interest. VERY SMART! He uses the equity in his home to make a net profit of 11% for himself instead of allowing the bank to make the profit. 

The developer then returns the private lender's money plus 12% in interest. Then my co-worker repeats the process, building up a nice nest egg.


Example: 100,000 x 12% for 6 months = 106,000. 

A $6,000 return on investment without doing anything. (passive income)


So we created AUBART & ASSOCIATES, LLC "A Hawaii based Private Lenders Group" to help us and others safely invest in short-term real estate flips. 


Whether you lend through us, or help others to lend through us, you make money. It costs you nothing to join us and you do not need to live in Hawaii to be a part of our team.  


We guarantee our Private Lenders 12% APR with a minimum of 6 months of interest, and the safety and security of belonging to an experienced, well-trained team. We guarantee our Associates a 1/2% of any loan for which they find a Private Lender who invests with us.

We provide the following free services to you.


  1. Prepare your Promissory Note and Mortgage documents for legal compliancy. 

  2. Negotiate all terms & conditions in your best interest. 

  3. Physically inspect each property and review the numbers to ensure the property is of higher value than your investment.

  4. Review county records to ensure clear title and that no liens or easements are against the property.

  5. Ensure your Mortgage document is properly recorded at the Hawaii Conveyance office as an officially recorded lien against the property.

  6. We ensure every real estate developer partner is fully licensed, experienced and has the proven success and high ethical standards we demand.

  7. Keep you current on all aspects of the property for which you are invested.

  8. In the very unlikely event that foreclosure would ever become necessary, we would assist you in filing any and all legal documents against the developer in the Hawaii State Court to enforce the terms & conditions of the Promissory Note & Mortgage.


       Think outside the bank!


Kevin T. Aubart, Administrator

Aubart & Associates, LLC

3162 Snyder CT

Honolulu, HI 96818

(808) 426-0816

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