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Kevin T. Aubart
Aubart & Associates, LLC
"Providing private Lending Solutions for real estate investors for over five years" 

We are a private lending business for bringing private lenders and top performing real estate investors together for the mutual benefit of making profit on secured, short-term real estate flips.


We have over 20 years of experience in real estate buy-lease investing and over five years in providing private lending solutions to real estate investors across Hawaii.

We are seeking to build strong, long-term relationships with private lenders throughout the USA and select top-performing real estate investors in Hawaii.


Our private lenders earn 12% interest with no costs or fees. We manage the entire process from start to finish to ensure your investment is safe and secure. 

We provide a full service private lending solution for our real estate professionals.

I hope I can earn your trust in helping you build your wealth through a real estate investing friendship that is both benefiting and financially rewarding. 

Please click HERE for answers to the frequently asked questions people ask about private lending with us.

Kevin Aubart, Owner

Aubart & Associates, LLC

"Private Lending Solutions"

Honlulu, HI 96818

(808) 426-0816


"Be the Bank!" Ask me how

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